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Affiliate Pro A Tips

Affiliate program A refers to products just for video games and software keys.

Bzfuture offers the lowest prices and instant delivery through our unique automated delivery system. Join affiliate program and earn real money.software keys commissions range from 8%-20%

● Promotion Opportunities:

  • a. link referrer links on web page or a banner with referrer Link
  • b. publish referrer Links YouTube channel or in the video description
  • c. publish referrer links on Facebook / Twitter
  • d. Embed referrer links in Twitch.tv
  • e. distribute referrer links in forums
  • f. Send referrer links in emails to friends
  • g. Commission: 8% -15% commission per successful sale with hot deals
  • h. Commission payment: PayPal. On request, the payment also can buy game keys on Bzfuture.com
Affiliate Pro B Tips

Affiliate program B refers to products just for gaming accessories including Smart light,Gaming Chairs & desks,keyboards,mice,headsets and others

Earn up to 8% commission with a trusted retailer.

How does Bzfuture Affiliate Program work?

1.Sign up on Bzfuture Affiliate Program here. Then verified your registered email.

2.You get a short affiliate URL from tools or CSV feed for video games and software keys and tracking your commissions report too.

3.Place Bzfuture.com affiliate links or banners on your website, blog, facebook, twitter or forums.

4.You can design link suitable to your website or exclusive CSV feed- or choose from the listed selection provided by Bzfuture.com.

5.orders generated from your link will be recorded as your sales.

6.Commissions are available for Paid orders. You can withdraw your commissions anytime.


1.Bzfuture.com discourages any spam and will terminate an affiliate account if a valid complaint is reported.

2.Bzfuture does not allow affiliate members to use PPC (pay per click) ads or content ads in any search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) by using the GVGMall brand name(gvgmall or similar words) as keywords, or using the Bzfuture URL as the landing page for PPC ads or content ads. Neither is it allowed to send first-person emails that include our brand (bzfuture or similar words). Any violation of the above terms will result in the cancelation of commission for the offending ads or emails.

3. Adult, Hate, or other related sites are not allowed!

4.You canot make orders with your referrer links which you created by yourself on our site, the orders will be cancelled.

5.Domain name advertising is forbidden, including key words like bzfuture,bz future,bzfutures

6.Bzfuture.com reserves the right of final interpretation.

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